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exciting interiors

Fun and lively interior with a beautiful seasonal patio in one of Wichita’s shopping destinations

lowerheader2 cuisine

casual cuisine

Contemporary continental cuisine featuring beef, chicken, pork, seafood and wood fired pizzas

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social spot

With one of the best wine lists in Wichita, and an inviting social atmosphere to meet people 

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peppadew aioli, baby arugula, cucumber, red wine vinaigrette...14



arugula, spinach, orange, chevre, almond, tarragon vinaigrette...9

Salads and Soup


potato puree, seasonal vegetables, gorgonzola, red wine reduction…35

Bistro Specials


grilled lamb chops, potato puree, asparagus, mint gremolata…38

Bistro Specials


chicken, caramelized onions, sweet peas, crispy bacon, garlic cream sauce, egg yolk…14

Fresh Pasta


mixed greens, crispy potato, pecan, gorgonzola, feta, crenberry vinaigrette...16

Salads and Soup


wild mushrooms, Ya Ya’s cheese blend, prosciutto, truffle oil, arugula…13

Oak Fired Pizzas Lunch

wine header


Domaine de Valdition

Coteaux d Aix, France


Kendall Jackson Vintner's Reserve


Italian Reds

Castello Banfi Brunello di Montalcino

Toscana, Italy

Sauvignon Blanc


Marborough, New Zealand

French Reds

Château Montfaucon "Baron Louis"

Cotes de Rhone, France

testimonial header

I can not say enough positive things about this place. We showed up at 12:00 and asked if we had time to eat and still make a 12:50 movie. The manager hesitated for a split second and said that they would make it happen. My granddaughter was looking at the menu and said she thought she wanted chicken fingers literally two seconds later the waiter showed up and said he would go ahead and put that order in (this was before my husband and I even decided on our order). It was amazing how quickly they got us in and out of there and yet the food was still amazing. Our granddaughter said "best chicken strips ever!"

–Patty P., Gardner, KS

More importantly, the restaurant is very nice.  Client lunch.  Fantastic day - clear skies, probably high-60's.  Ate out on the patio.  They pulled that patio off well, especially for the store front being in a kind of strip mall-type of setting.  The patio is recessed back into the restaurant footprint.  Didn't feel the bustle of a strip mall parking lot nearby.Had the portobello sandwhich.  Tasty.  Nice flavor.  Side salad was a bit bland, and one in my party had a larger similar salad that she did not finish.I have eaten at the one in St Louis, and it is also good.  Had dinner there.

–Bryan M., Macungie, PA

The best brunch spread I've ever seen.  Great drinks and quick service. Wish I had known anout this place sooner...

–Michael R., Wichita

THE place to go to have your brunch! their brunch on sundays is $15 per person, but they provide a lot of meat choices including salmon! and many many options to pick from. WORTH the money! their mimosas are really good. the atmosphere is a bonus. it is pricey but their food, service and atmosphere is worth the money.

–Tanna K., Wichita, KS

We feasted on appetizers that were absolutely delicious. My LA friends were in awe of the Gnocchi-herbed potato gnocchi, roasted chicken, Gorgonzola cream, spinach, spiced walnuts. Absolutely out of this world. YUM!! Hummus with grilled pita and calamari was brought out as well but it did not compare to the gnocchi.

–Amy B., Phoenix, AZ
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